The Ichthus School of Creative Arts is designed to give students the opportunity to do dynamic ministry in the eclectic city of Flint, Michigan. Students will study a wide range of subjects in the arts including theatre, dance, music production, lighting and design as well as marketing and business technical writing. Of course, these subjects are common to most schools of creative arts, but ISCA is unique in that it effectively weds the above subjects with a constant application community outreach and social justice oriented ministry by assisting several local churches and organizations. In essence, students will have one hand ready to steady a camera, and the other ready to serve those who are in need.

At present, ISCA offers a Summer Intensive program that runs from the beginning of June to the middle of August, with a two week break before the full year curriculum which begins in September and ends in May. Accepted students are able to reside with host families who will provide them with room and board. Students are also encouraged to work a part-time job while attending the school in order to be a part of the greater Flint community.

The Ichthus School of Creative Arts will serve young adult Christians well as they grow in maturity—learning more about character, ministry, the arts, and above all, the plan God has for them in their lives while honing and applying the gifts and talents God has given them.

Summer Intensive Internship

June 22nd—August 17th

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